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LDSS4826/LDSS4826A. NOTE: The state of Utah does not allow SNAP and does not recognize this assistance. SNAP is not accepted in Utah and SNAP cards do not are accepted at the state office of Temporary and Disability Assistance. (LDSS4826-1). The state of Wyoming does accept SNAP in some forms. Please click on the following link to see the specific forms accepted by Wyoming.
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You Music what if you can give your patients a smarter negative pressure wound therapy option one that's truly portable and discreet say hello to snap therapy combines the simplicity of advanced wound dressings with the proven benefits of negative pressure wound therapy in a discreet design that won't get noticed snap therapy is also easy to apply before beginning select the snap therapy cartridge and the advanced dressing kit you feel is most appropriate for your patient the snap advance dressing kits are available in a variety of sizes including 10 by 10 centimeters 15 by 15 centimeters and the snap bridge dressing kit the snap securing hydro colloid may be utilized to help create a seal snap therapy straps are available in three sizes begin by preparing the wound bed in Perry wound skin instructional protocol if necessary apply a skin protectant to the skin surrounding the wound for wounds with fragile Perry wound skin an optional base layer of thin hydro colloid can be placed to help protect the skin next cut the foam to fit the size and shape of the wound place the foam into the wound cavity making sure the foam fills the wound cavity and extends above the wound margins since this wound is on the plantar surface of the foot the snap bridge dressing is used to minimize the chance of additional pressure points the best orientation of the dressing is determined so that the bridge portion of the dressing will lie flat on the extremity and the port is located on a non weight-bearing surface to help create a seal the snap securing hydro colloid may be utilized this is a sterile moldable hydro colloid ring designed to provide fast and easy sealing on uneven skin surfaces and challenging body contours before applying the snap securing hydro colloid be sure the skin is clean and dry shape the hydro colloid to fit around the outside of the patients wound using light pressure apply the snap securing hydro colloid around the wound do not place the hydro colloid directly into the wound to begin application of the snap bridge dressing slowly peel away the release liner as you carefully place the snap bridge dressing over the wound ensure the center opening of the port is placed directly over the foam interface and carefully apply the dressing over the wound the dressing should be adhered to at least one centimeter of intact skin to maintain a proper seal smooth out the hydro colloid dressing on to the skin and remove any small creases next remove the side release liners one at a time and carefully press the rest of the hydro colloid dressing to the skin use your hands to smooth out the dressing to ensure an airtight seal to the skin it's often helpful to hold your warm hands over the dressing to allow the adhesive to properly adhere to the skin route to the bridge section of the dressing away from the wound in order to mitigate contact pressure at the wound and secure the bridge section to the patients cut the tubing to the desired length ensuring the...
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